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Simple Computer Cyber Security Tips

It’s becoming a regular occurrence in the news that a large and trusted business,  likely to handle a lot of our personal data, has been hacked. Cyber-attacks are at an all time high with the biggest names in the internet industry also falling prey… LinkedIn, Yahoo and Ashley Madison are just a few examples.

However, it’s not just large organisations which are under threat from cyber attacks. A recent British government survey revealed 74% of small to medium enterprises had experienced some sort of cyber security breach. Personal computers are at risk too, with phishing scams and wifi hacking becoming more advanced and harder to avoid.

We have put together a few top cyber defence tips that you can immediately put into place to help with your cyber protection.

1. Change Your Passwords

It seems obvious, but this simple cyber security task is something most people and businesses just do not do. This is basic cyber self-defence and is a great first point of call for helping protect yourself and your data. Regularly change your passwords, even put this in your diary so you don’t forget! Another tip is to use strong passwords that are hard to replicate, such as using a mixture of letters, symbols and numbers. Oh, and don’t use the same internet password for every single thing you do online! If one password is hacked then you leave yourself vulnerable to attack on all of your online data. Be smart and be password savvy.

2. Cyber Security Training

Most small businesses do not understand the complexities of cyber attacks and are therefore not training their staff in protecting the business from hacking and other online threats. Simple office equipment such as printers and mobile phones connected to the wi-fi can be potential access points into the company network for a cyber criminal looking to steal company data. Learn Cyber Security from a trusted company which provides regular content about the latest cyber threats and how to protect against them.

3. Use Good Cyber Protection Software

Small things like changing your passwords and backing up your data are a good start for protecting yourself and business against cyber threats, but for top cyber self-defence techniques you need to invest in the latest best practice services and use top internet security software.

Cyber Protection is currently offering an advanced solution for cybersecurity and digital self-defence. They have a crowdfunding campaign for their software which includes a training handbook to secure your home computer if you contribute just $25.

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