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5 Similar Films to Black Mirror

The British science fiction series Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker, looks at anticipated consequences of new technologies and society trends in the near future or an alternative present. With an often dark tone the television series is controversial and gets people talking about the way humanity interacts with technology and each other. Airing on Channel 4 for the first 2 seasons Black Mirror was purchased by Netflix for series 3 which opened it up to the American market where it has been well received and Brooker, a well-known journalist and comedian, has won many awards for his script-writing and directing of all the dramatic and gripping episodes.

With it being such a popular tv series there really is no wonder that people want to find other movies like black mirror. With the sci-fi niche being hugely popular in western culture, such as with Star Wars and Star Trek, the desire to find films of a similar style with the intellectual and thought-provoking edge is huge. Here at Hollywood News we have searched the internet for the very best movie recommendations for shows like Black Mirror.

The Circle (2017)

An American techno-thriller, The Circle had huge film stars like Emma Watson and Tom Hanks and grossed $40 million worldwide, despite some negative reviews in the press. The movie, in true black mirror fashion, explores the possibility of one major technology company having too much power and influence over the population. The tech company starts invading personal privacy and getting very much involved with the government to facilitate key services such as voting. This overstretch of power has been seen with real-life companies, which the movie is undoubtedly based off of, like Facebook and Apple. With iPhones being what we rely on for everything, and more and more so every day, and facebook having access to all our personal data, this film takes a fresh approach at fears and predictions for the near future.

In Time (2011)

Dystopian science fiction action thriller In Time stars celebrity actors Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. The movie plot looks at the potential of a currency more powerful and important than money… time – something we can never get more of. However, in this future people stop aging at age 25 and then only live one more year, unless they can accrue more time to give them the potential of immortal youth. It’s a story of rich vs poor and how power remains at the top of the pyramid. It’s a phenomenal and thought-provoking thriller which, like black mirror, will get you thinking possibly on a wider political level of how people are treated in an unfair hierarchy. It is also a film which looks at revolution and ‘taking down the system’, another link to political views on the left.

Humans (2015)

Not a film, but this tv series was a science fiction drama which launched in Britain on Channel 4 and explores the real possibility of human-like robots becoming common place in the home. The series, which is based on a Swedish drama called Real Humans, looks at artificial intelligence and robotics as the themes. It focuses on the social, cultural and psychological impact on the invention of such life-like robots being created and used. What are the ethics involved with this? What rights do robots have? How will our relationships with each other change and will human social connection stay the same? Will there be a negative impact on the job market? With 2 series aired and a third airing in May 2018 Humans is another movie suggestion for fans of black mirror.

iRobot (2004)

Along the lines of robotics becoming common place in society, the 2004 movie iRobot staring Will Smith is set in the future of 2035 where a crime has been committed a robot and possibly poses a larger threat to humanity. The case is explored by a technophobic police officer in New York City and looks at the emotional challenges of trusting robots over humans.

Altered Carbon (2018)

A Netflix sci-fi action series based on the novel by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon looks at a future where human minds are digitalised and downloaded between bodies, keeping ‘people’ alive despite the death of bodies. Taking the current Biohacking trend to an extreme, where people are already using technologies to upgrade themselves and becoming more cyborg like, this movie really is like a black mirror episode. In the show the wealthiest man on Earth hired an ex-soldier to investigate his murder in exchange for a second chance at life.

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