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Paloma Ford| Profile| Nick Young Girlfriend| Hot Photos

Paloma Ford hip hop singer

Paloma Ford, Photo, R&B Singer from Los Angeles

Paloma Ford Biography & Information

Born August 1st 1986 in Long Beach, California, but went to school in Ohio, Paloma Ford is an American R&B and Hip Hop singer based in Los Angeles. She has been active in her singing career since 2013 and gained fame mainly through Youtube, making original singles such as Hit Of You and Dollars. In 2014 Ford appeared on Meek Mill’s album and she released a single which featured the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and Iamsu! entitled Summer In California. In an interview Paloma described her music style as laid back and expressed her love for ambiance tunes, a relaxing vibe.

Paloma Ford Ex Boyfriend Blaq Tuxedo

Attributing her sound to the great work of her producer, Paloma Ford was previously in a serious relationship with D&D music producer Dominique Logan, also known as Blaq Tuxedo. This ended and Paloma went onto start dating a famous American basketball star, Nick Young.

Nick Young Dating Paloma Ford Rumors

Gossip is flying around Hollywood and Paloma Ford has been seen more and more with Nick Young, even spending a lot of time at the NBA star’s mansion in LA. Hot blonde hip hop artist Paloma Ford seems to be Nick’s type; he was previously engaged to sexy Australian superstar Iggy Azalea, a singer celebrity with chart hits worldwide. To make matters more complicated (and juicy!) it’s reported that the split of Iggy and Nick was due to him having an affair with Keonna Green, a young children’s boutique entrepreneur. What’s worse? Nick Young got Keonna Green pregnant without telling Iggy Izalea and now she’s having his baby. Wow… this is a mess!

Paloma Ford New Single WET – Sexy Bikini Hot video

Los Angeles basketball player Nick Young’s gorgeous girlfriend, Paloma Ford, shot her latest music video for her single Wet at Nick’s LA mansion. She’s sexy and she knows it. Paloma strips down to her bathing suit and seductively uses Nick’s amazing swimming pool for this new track released 7th October 2016.
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In the music video Paloma Ford’s ass looks especially incredible, filling her sport shorts perfectly. If you want a perfect and perky round bubble butt like Paloma’s then check out the Bigger Better Butt Workout which will ensure you get the beautiful butt you want in just 60 days, or your money back!

Paloma Ford Photo Gallery

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