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New Appointment Technology Supports Independent Stylists

With the increasing costs of running a business such as rising staff salaries (which includes taxes, holidays, insurance and pension contributions), independent hair stylists and beauty salons are always looking for ways to cut their costs without cutting quality or their customer experience.

One major cost which can be cut from a small salon business is the receptionist, an increasingly unnecessary cost of around $22,000 per year. The reason that a receptionist could be replaced and large cost saving made for an independent stylist is due to advances in technology using online booking systems for clients to book appointments.

Ring My Stylist is an Appointment Booking App for independent stylists which allows customers to book appointments through a mobile app, managing their booking on their own time and easily being able to see the stylist’s profile and availability. Mobile technology put into both the stylist’s and client’s hands means the whole appointment process can be quicker, more efficient, and a better experience for everyone involved.

Independent Stylists Use App To Book Appointments

For independent stylists who are not affiliated with a salon and prefer the flexibility to work their own hours and at any location, including the client’s home, a mobile booking application such as Ring My Stylist deepens the customer relationship, improves loyalty and makes the process easier and therefore more enjoyable. There’s nothing worse than the back and forth phone calls and emails to find the perfect appointment slot, only to then forget an appointment due to not enough (or any) reminders. The mobile phone Ring My Stylist app utilizes notifications which are chosen by the client to alert the customer of an upcoming hair stylist booking, waxing or other beauty session.

It can be awkward for the client to book their next appointment straight after having their hair, waxing, makeup or other beauty regime done, as they often do not have a diary or calendar with them or may simply not know when or what they’ll want. The stylist wants to up-sell the customer but may not be confident in making a sales pitch, perhaps even under-selling their other services and products or even discounting. By encouraging customers to make their next appointment on a free smart phone app they can browse the other services on offer at their own leisure and without pressure they’re more likely to book something extra, giving stylists more revenue.

Small Business Booking Apps For Independent Stylists

Technology now allows independent stylists to easily offer their clients the same experience as the big salon chains and large beauty businesses. It’s previously been hard for stylists to obtain and retain their customers but now with a simple online booking application a stylist’s whole business can be revolutionised and allow their business to grow and make more money.

For stylists there are several reasons why a mobile booking app like Ring My Stylist is the right choice. Using this applications has many features, including:

  • Seamless Client Management – make records about your clients, complete order history!
  • Easy Scheduling – no more double bookings, no more always looking at the schedule!
  • Manage Services & Pricing – manage, update and remove services you do or don’t want to offer.
  • Keep Knowledge Safe – make notes about your clients, ensure they always get the look they love!

Online booking systems are not only a win for stylists though. Those looking for a great experience from their hair stylist or waxing service will see the multiple benefits offered by appointment booking systems such as Ring My Stylist. Some of the great features for stylist and salon clients include:

  • Connect Directly With The Stylist – your beauty needs are personal, so connect in a personal way!
  • Get Automatic Appointment Reminders – easily reschedule or cancel an appointment.
  • View Open And Past Appointments – your stylist knows exactly what you like and when you want it!
  • View Hair And Scalp Health History – read your detailed initial consultation with your stylist.

It’s not just independent stylists who can benefit from appointment booking apps, it’s also service providers such as tattoo artists, a gentleman’s barber, masseuse, image consultant, photographer and more! The Ring My Stylist technology software works with any smart mobile phone and can be used by independent and freelance small businesses or by bigger businesses who employ and manage staff.

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