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Leonardo DiCaprio Doppelganger his name is Konrad Annerud

Leonardo DiCaprio Doppelganger his name is Konrad Annerud

Its shocking to see Leonardo DiCaprio has a boy like him similarity is so much high that you cannot recognize that who is Leonardo and ho is konard. You just think that you are in the ages of 40 and you just find out a teenager just like you when you were a teenager this thing cannot be described in words. Konard has just released his instagram photos you would not believe that how much is the similarity. The look of konrad is just like the times of titanic early days of Leonardo DiCaprio.

This time he is only 21 year old by profession he is a bartender, model  and he is a musician too. He is multi skilled the boy got so much talent and the world is loving this guy. Instagram pictures of Annerud’s similar to a super star of Hollywood who is Oscar giant and it is to tuff to differentiate between them both. Annerud’s just uploaded his images on instagram and it grabs the audience. The pictures are fully shirtless and use of the cigarettes just uploaded his portfolio I must say it’s hilarious you just feel that you are on the set of titanic. You know what Leonardo says about this situation he says it’s good and a bad to have similarity just like Leonardo DiCaprio. He feels wiered when people call him Leonardo instead of Annerud but  sometimes its full fun that people want to take pictures with him lot of selfies. His devotion towards Leonardo DiCaprio he said he loves to be like him because he is handsome man and love his personality.

The fact is that it’s not the instagram account but he also admitted that whenever he is out people notice and give smiles and get shock to see him. He described the situation that when he went to Italy in last summer for his shoots there was so much chaos he literally wants to shave his hair off. People were making noise and there were unstoppable atmosphere and people get crazy and weird experience of his life.

If we talk about a real Leonardo DiCaprio he is so much busy in latest upcoming movie his eyes again on Oscar he did not comment on his doppelganger but it is yet to come. There might be a possibility in future that they will meet and when they will be together no one can stop them.


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