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LED Outdoor Lighting: Plan Your Illumination and Be Safe

There are two ways to look at the issue of safety when you’re planning to install outdoor lights. Using the right lighting fixtures is the first step, naturally. If you have quality products, designed for a specific purpose, you’ll be much closer to your goal of providing adequate illumination. The second part of the equation involves placement of the fixtures where they’ll deliver optimal light. Whether your plan involves parking-area lights, street lights, security lights for home or business, it’s important to devote some time to your lighting plan.

To address the first factor: Choose LED outdoor lighting and you have quality products designed for specific purposes. You’ve taken a giant step toward your goal of excellent illumination. To use just one example, suppose you want to provide light along a walkway that crosses your property. Before you make a quick decision to put a few lights along the sides of that walkway, using whatever you think is best for a cheap price, why not look at cost-efficient lighting that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs)?

For Example

Try the garden bollard light to deliver a beam angle of 120 degrees for outstanding illumination. This fixture also provides a great appearance thanks to its gorgeous exterior design. With LED outdoor lighting, you get long, dependable life of 50,000 hours, which makes this option cost-effective when compared to other technologies delivering half the bulb life or less. You can install these on a post of any height, or even mount them on a wall that runs alongside the path. The height of pathway lighting should be about 14 inches for the best results.

Many lighting designs call for placing fixtures at least a foot from the edge of the path. You’ll be surprised how effective LED outdoor lighting will be, as compared to classic walkway lights. Not only do these lights produce a lower level of heat, making them more efficient, you’ll find you’re using much less energy to produce the same effect. This can also be a great choice for other outdoor areas, such as patios and decks. With this outstanding source of light, your gatherings will be safe and comfortable.

More About Placement

Suppose your need for is more business oriented, or you need to light a parking area for a government property. LED outdoor lighting is the perfect choice here as well. When you use fixtures such as the LED solar street light, regular street light or the area light (similar in design) you will be providing the illumination necessary to keep clients, customers, and visitors safe and secure. The street light, available with several configurations, is the ideal choice for parking areas, roadways, and similar applications.

The design of this LED outdoor lighting fixture provides outstanding “throw” to light more area with fewer installations. A solar option delivers the expected benefit of energy savings during the day. All of these are designed to be used in outdoor settings, so they will stand up to a harsh environment. You get the same long life and durability with the LED area light, which can be wall mounted for best effect. When you browse the website to learn more, make sure you gather information about the excellent warranties on these money-saving lights.

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