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How To Claim Your Artist Profile On Spotify

Before you do anything else as a musician or producer, your first step involves claiming an Artists Profile on Spotify. To find about more about what this actually is go to artists.spotify.com/guide/spotify-for-artists

When requesting access to a few artists that I already work with, it asked me for verification through the Twitter account of the artists, so you might need these details.

Using this step is not always necessary to obtain more followers, yet it is still regarded as a vital date resource that all artists should be able to access. The tools which reveal the most details about who your audience is, and the playlists and the songs that your own songs feature on are essential so make sure you take advantage of this. The best part is receiving a blue check-mark next to your profile that will show everyone else that you are official.

Despite the accusations surrounding unfair payouts and royal practices, Spotify have stated they have a commitment to bring the values of the artists in alternative ways through tools and data like this.

In addition, some tips that we discuss below require functions or tools that are only made available to those that are requesting access in association to their Spotify artists profiles.

As soon as you are granted access along with control to your Spotify profile, you can then download the app called Spotify for Artists”.

Here are a few tips you can use to increase your own followers on Spotify:

Buy Spotify Plays

By buying Spotify plays you can make your account look more popular and this can be a big benefit for anyone looking to get heard. If you want to buy Spotify plays, SMVT can help you with this and offer quality plays.

Add Button On Your Website

When you log onto Spotify for Artists, click on the % icon to gain access to the button widget. Use the code on your own website that will create the button which will make it a simple task for visitors to start following you from Spotify by simply clicking on the button.

You can also choose to embed playlists to the website positioned next the follow button. Here you are able create playlists of your top songs, latest releases or even all your music. This will give your visitors clues that you are on Spotify which makes them more open to following you. The one drawback when using Spotify as your music player, is that your visitors will require a Spotify account in order to listen. Ideally you should be using an audio-player such as SoundCloud or Bandcamp so that any visitors can listen with ease.

Ask On Social Media

Ask your existing fans on your social media accounts to on Spotify. Just saying something as simple as “please follow me on Spotify” is not always the most effective way, so you should try to be more creative. You should be explaining the reason why choosing to follow you will benefit them along with helping you too. The main advantage for your visitors is that they will receive notifications as soon as you release new songs or music on Spotify. This means they will never miss out when it comes to a new release. Remember to ask your family and friends too.

Send An Email To Your Existing Mailing List

If you already have your own email-list on online platforms such as Mailchimp, send your email out asking fans to on Spotify. Once again, just requesting that they follow you is seen as boring, so try to be a bit more creative. You could use an incentive such as “If I get an x amount of followers I promise to release a new video or song just for you”.

Ask At Live Shows

At a certain point in a set, perhaps at the end or even the middle, let your fans know they can now on Spotify, if they are enjoying your music. You can use an incentive such as a discount on your merchandise if they are able to show you that they are following you on Spotify.

Keep Creating More Music

If you consistently add new songs or music on Spotify, you are able to condition visitors into following you, as they will want to know about any new releases. It will also give added benefits and reasons for your fans to follow you. After all, telling your fans that they should be following you on Spotify and you have only posted 4 to 5 songs in the last year is not convincing enough.


Create your playlists around themes, where you can include your songs. You can then promote these playlists on the different social media platforms along with your Spotify profile. Avoid filling it up only using your songs, you will want a good mixture that matches up to the theme. Share the playlists over social media accounts and tag the other artists that you included. The overall idea is to get people to share and like your playlists, which will offer exposure to other audiences along with more followers.

Side Note:

Over and above gaining Spotify followers, you will want the listeners to add either your songs or music into their own playlists. These are metrics will help Spotify to determine which songs have been added to other subscriber’s auto-generated playlists, which will offer you with more exposure. The only real way to get followers is to either ask for followers or to create great music so that people will automatically add your songs into their playlists.

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