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How Do Animals Help Humans Survive?

The world is full of animal lovers. There are a lot of reasons why people love animals. They are cute, they are helpful, they make the world more colorful and each animal is unique in its own way. They are also quite useful in the exploration of science.

Before you look down on an animal, always remember that dogs made it to the moon before man. The study of animals has led to the marvelous scientific discovery in medicine and genetics. Of all the animals, only one considered the best friend of man, the dog. Here are three ways that animals, especially the dog, has helped human beings survive.

Detection of Diabetes by Dogs

In the beginning, the relationship between diabetes and the dog’s sense of smell was something fun that made headlines and helped sell a few hundred newspapers. However, as time went by, scientists began to explore this more and more. It has now become a common norm that dogs can accurately predict instances of low blood sugar, especially in diabetes patients.

The human body is a collection of chemical processes. Each of these reactions produces its own distinct scent and dogs can distinguish between many of these scents. When the blood sugar drops to alarming levels, the body doubles its production of isoprene.

To human beings, this is something that our olfactory senses cannot detect. However, dogs can detect it in an instant. This is what lead to the training of Diabetes Alert Dogs; whose purpose is to alert their owners when they sense their sugar levels dropping. This has helped to save quite a lot of lives, especially for diabetics that keep a rather busy lifestyle and constantly forget to check their levels.

Dogs and Botany

The Review Insider says we live in a delicate ecosystem, especially at this point in time whether pollution has greatly affected agriculture and the production of food. We have enough to worry about as it is. This is why dogs are quite useful when it comes to helping humans maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Invasive species is one of the causes of poor crop yield.

However, with the right dogs, you can say goodbye to invasive species encroaching on your farmland and taking the nutrients always from your crops. Over the years, scientists have perfect conservational measures through the use of different dog species.

These dogs are sent out in teams into a field and they use their sense of smell to identify invasive plant species so that they can be weeded out. This has helped to change farming for the better. It is also quite inexpensive for those interested.

Dogs and Cancer Detection

Normally, it takes long before certain types of cancer can be detected in the human body. By this time, the cancer is usually past the initial stages and requires rather aggressive solutions.

However, dogs have been known to have the ability to detected cancer in its early stages in the human body simply through smelling body secretions like urine, sweat or saliva. Though this is unconventional, it is a good reason to keep a dog around. A dog may just be the one thing that helps you fight that cancer.


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