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Do These Celebrities Use Steroids?

It’s a taboo subject but often we watch hollywood actors and famous celebrities bulking up super fast and looking incredible. We watch as huge film stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger dominates the screen, or sport personalities like fighter Conor McGregor being the face of UFC and then moving into boxing as everyone marvelled at his body for his match with Floyd Mayweather. But as we look on in awe are these people just amazing at eating well and working out, or are they doing something more sinister like taking steroids? Here at Hollywood Neuz we investigate 3 celebrities who may take steroids.

1. Charlie Sheen

The American actor Charlie Sheen (born Carlos Irwin Estévez) can be seen in his earlier films as a fairly skinny man without large muscles. Films like Wall Street would make anyone think that this playboy character started using steroids when he was cast in the second part of comedy movie Hot Shots. With such a large build in the action packed film, there is massive speculation about Sheen’s use of steroids to pack on the pounds in such a short amount of time. There is no secret that Charlie Sheen has a history of drug abuse and therefore it’s not a push to believe he has done steroids in the past or continues to do them. However, Sheen sticks to his argument that he followed a strict exercise routine for bulking up in certain films such as waking up at 5am daily to run 4 miles and then doing 90 minutes of martial arts training, followed by more and more martial arts training spread throughout his days.

2. Christian Bale

A lot of people look up to Batman actor Christian Bale for the incredible shape he got into for the film. It’s crazy to think that someone went from stick thin, such as his role of Skeleton in The Machinist, to a beefy body build just six months later. He actually put on 100lbs of pure muscle in those 6 months, which is insane in almost anyone’s book! Now, Bale has an extreme (and somewhat amusing) reason for his quick muscle gain and puts it down to stuffing his face with pizza, ice cream and milkshakes non-stop and then translating this fat into gains. Is this likely? Most people aren’t convinced and have said that Christian Bale was likely taking some sort of steroids to help with this quick body growth. I mean, last time we tried eating just pizza and ice cream we certainly didn’t get massive muscles despite going to the gym…

3. Spencer Matthews

This British celebrity isn’t a probably for the steroids but a definitely… in fact he is self confessed. The news broke when Spencer had to suddenly quit the hit British TV show ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ after just days of being a contestant on the show. Matthews admitted to using steroids to bulk up for a charity boxing match that was taking place after the show’s filming, but he’d gotten so addicted to them that being away from them for the sake of the TV show just wasn’t working. He claims to have been coming off them gradually but it seems that they were just too addictive and this famous British socialite from London couldn’t be without, making several apologies to his fans via his production team and management.


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