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Canadian-born director is at the top of her game

Eliza Brownlie lands major commercials for award-winning surf company VISSLA and D’Blanc eyewear.

Filmmaker Eliza Brownlie, 27, has been hired as key director of two global commercials for VISSLA and the brand’s sister company, D’Blanc. The commercials will be released under the titles, ‘Sustainable Wetsuits’ and ‘The Muse.’

Brownlie, who is a member of the prestigious Free the Bid directing network (alongside directors such as Sofia Coppola and Patty Jenkins), has an impressive track record of creating films for popular companies like: Dove, Cast + Combed, Top Expert, and Arts + Crafts Records. She is also known for her film, The After Party, which earned praise at festivals such as the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival and the Sacramento Horror Film Festival.

VISSLA is an international Surfing and Apparel Retailer that sells athletic gear and casual streetwear. The company has won numerous awards, including Men’s Apparel Brand of the Year for two consecutive years at the SIMA Awards. Since 2014, VISSLA has also been the title sponsor of the World Junior Surfing Championship, a role that has been renewed for three more years through 2020. VISSLA has a large Social media following, with over 160,000 followers on Instagram alone.

D’Blanc is a premium eyewear and accessory brand, sold internationally and carried by retail giants, Nordstrom and Amuse Society.

“I feel very honoured that Vissla and D’Blanc have chosen me to direct films for them. Both companies have an exceptional reputation, and I admire their dedication to creativity and craftsmanship. All of their past commercial films have been amazing, and I look forward to furthering this vision,” says Brownlie.

The commercials are set to begin shooting in 2020 and 2021.

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