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Caitlin-Rose Lacey

Caitlin-Rose Lacey

Caitlin-Rose Lacey

Caitlin-Rose Lacey Profile:

Caitlin Rose Lacey, aka Caitlin Lacey, is a British actress, born on 23rd December 1998. Lacey currently resides in London. A young singer, dancer and actress, Caitlin’s performing talents range from ballet to street-dance, although she also describes herself as ‘highly skilled’ in Jazz Singing, Mezzo-Soprano and Blues. Caitlin Rose Lacey studied at Redroofs Theatre School, an independent acting training centre in Maidenhead, Berkshire (UK) where she graduated in July 2017 with three distinctions: D* D* D*

Caitlin-Rose Lacey is an actress who came to the spotlight for staring as Kennedy in the 2018 Disney series Find Me In Paris. Prior to this, in August 2017 she appeared in Chinese technology company OnePlus’s advert for the new OnePlus 5 smartphone, Lake Blood, aged 18. The advert was filmed in Slovenia, showing Lacey has been jet-setting for her career from an early age.

Caitlin-Rose Lacey Biography:

  • Name: Caitlin-Rose Lacey
  • Birth Name: Caitlin Lacey
  • Birth Date: 23rd December 1998
  • Residence: London, UK
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Nationality: British

Caitlin-Rose Lacey| Height| Weight| Sexuality

Height: 5’5″ (165cm)
Weight: 7st. 9lb. (49kg)
Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Long
Skin Color: White
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Caitlin’s Personal Sports & Hobbies:

  • Climbing
  • Fishing
  • Horse-Riding
  • Running
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Yoga

Caitlin-Rose Lacey 2017-Present: Television Career

2018 Find Me In Paris Kennedy
2017 Lake Blood Girl

OnePlus 5: Lake Blood

Starring as the protagonist of the One Plus Five advert, Caitlin-Rose Lacey plays a cute scantily-clad girl, who when faced with a chainsaw wielding madman, decides to take a selfie with him due to the clarity of the smartphone’s camera, rather than run away like any sane person! A very funny advert, in the form of a one-minute youtube video, which pokes fun at millennials and the importance placed on technology and mobile phones. The advert racked up over 800,000 views online in the first few weeks of airing, and has had rave reviews, including that from mobile phone insurance website Row.co.uk.

Find Me In Paris (2018)

Dubbed a Premium International Series for Tweens, “Find Me In Paris” has a budget of $12.5 million, massive compared to regular shows targeted at young teenagers – it’s on par with an adult television series and promises high production value. Showrun by teen film making Canadian all-stars Jill Girling and Lori Matter Welch, creators of successful Nickelodeon series ‘Ride’.

Bringing together American and European audiences, the show is based in Paris, France at the spectacular Garnier Opera House. The story is based on Russian Princess Lena Grisky (played by Jessica Lord), poised to become the next big young ballet star in the 1905 Paris Opera – until she is catapulted through time to the contemporary world. Warming to modern times and taking part in an underground hip-hop dance crew, she eventually has to make the decision whether she wants to stay or go back to her old life.

Caitlin-Rose Lacey plays Kennedy, and is the young actor’s first major TV role, with the half-hour shows running weekly. Acquired by online streaming network Hulu, “Find Me In Paris” also has agreements with Disney, FT and ABC.

Who Is Caitlin-Rose Lacey? Is She The Next Young Acting Star?

Here at HollywoodNeuz, we believe Caitlin-Rose has what it takes to be the next big teen star. With a beautiful yet innocent look, she could easily be both a Disney star or a model in GQ. Her acting talents are clearly apparent, and her accent/voice fits with similar stars in the industry. Clearly a fun and likeable person, with a wide range of interests, Lacey is sure to go far and is currently under top acting representation to help her get to the top.

Caitlin-Rose Lacey Picture Gallery:

Caitlin-Rose Lacey Social Media:

We’ve added screenshots of Caitlin’s Social Media as of writing this, because we’re pretty sure her career is about to blow up. We want the bragging rights that we were following her first, before she became popular. We want to be the first Celebrity Biography website to cover her. Ya’know, we’re petty like that.


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