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5 Celebrities Who Got Locked Out Their House

It’s hard to think of celebrities as anything but superhuman and living this incredible perfect life light-years from what we experience in ours. Surely there is no way that the Hollywood and New York elite also have to deal with mundane life tasks and come across occasional struggles like the everyday person? When you have fame and fortune then everything, including your home security, is perfect right? In this article we discuss five well-known celebrities who have found themselves locked out of their home and needed to find a local locksmith.

1. Kylie Jenner

On November 22nd 2016 reality TV, social media queen and fashion princess Kylie Jenner found herself in the predicament of her home security being TOO GOOD. Rolling up to her California mansion, the one she’d grown up in all her life, Kylie spoke to the security guard via the gate buzzer. To her surprise, the guard (whom Jenner had known since she was a baby), didn’t recognise her and found herself in a spot of bother.

It’s a well known diva quote to say “Don’t you know who I am?!”, but Kylie Jenner didn’t ever expect to be uttering those words at her own home! Even with a team of security guards and people inside her house, Kylie still managed to find herself in the unfortunate situation of being locked out…

Once she finally got inside, Jenner shared a video on her wildly successful social media accounts and told the story. The star said that maybe it was her new and ever-changing style that was the cause of the lock out: “Maybe it’s the hair. I don’t know. I’ve lived here all my life.”

2. Britney Spears

It was a Monday in the cold December of 2017 that pop princess Britney Spears found herself locked outside her home with her two children, Sean (12) and Jayden (11), and the pet dog! She found herself in the predicament after going for a walk, but the security gates and doors shut behind her. Without keys, Britney found herself trapped.

Spears said about the experience “Going for a walk with my son and the dog always does wonders for my mood. That is until we got locked outside.”

Music star Britney was not happy about the whole situation as she found herself forced to wait outside her security team to rescue them and let them back inside the home. Once inside however she was back to posing for the camera and showed off in a skin-tight pink dress.

3. Jim Parsons

Big Bang Theory actor and star of the show Jim Parsons almost missed the Oscards award show back in 2017 after he managed to lock himself out of his house without his ID (which apparently you still need to get into places, even when you’re a huge celebrity like Jim!).

Parsons documented the whole kerfuffle on Instagram, which was hilarious to his fans but to him he’d been caused a lot of problems through his silly mistake. After the local locksmith was called and a bit of help from his friends, Parsons joked that he wished he had taught his dogs how to unlock the door.

Getting locked out is never fun so forward planning is always the key. Sheldon Cooper, Jim’s Big Bang Theory character would probably have never let this happen!

4. Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev found herself in a similar situation to Jim Parsons when her being locked out also led to her missing an Oscars event.

“I got locked out of the house for 20 minutes!” Dobrev rold US Weekly about the whole situation. She’d left for a meeting without her purse and when she walked back to her house to get ready for Elton John’s 2013 annual AIDS Foundation viewing party for the Oscars she found herself in the mess!

“I had to sit there and wait until everyone came back home”

5. Stormzy

British rapper Stormzy may not have found himself locked out of his house, but rather locked in…. the women’s bathroom!

It was during the 2017 MTV EMAs that the popular grime performer found himself mistakenly in the women’s bathroom after supposedly misjudging where the gents was.

Uploading a photo to his Snapchat from inside the women’s toilet cubical he captioned it stating he’d accidentally went into the girls toilets and “can hear bare girls outside” and “if I pop out now imma look mad creepy”.

He’s certainly not wrong! Getting locked out the house or locked in is a problem people, celebrities or not, just don’t want to have. Finding a locksmith can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be. Local locksmith service providers can be found anywhere and especially in places like New York City, New York where professionals can be found online and have 24/7 service operations.

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