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Should I let my Dog sleep on my bed?

It is indicated by research that about half of the pet owners share their beds or bedrooms with their canine family members. This reflects the division of people who advocates sleeping with dogs and the ones who are strongly against it. Some researches indicate towards the benefits of co-sleeping with your furry friends. However, there are some facts which suggest against this sleeping arrangement.

Here is a list of pros and cons of sleeping with your dogs.

Disadvantages of co-sleeping with dogs

The experts at Cheap Dog Beds Reviews point out that The existence of several health issues caused by sleeping with your dogs can make it not a very alluring idea for some. These issues may include:

  1. There is a chance of aggravation of human allergies because of co-sleeping with dogs. Certain disease can be transmitted to humans from their dogs and vice-versa. Although the chances of these transmissions are rare, but they still stand as a risk to your health.
  2. Sleeping with your dog can mean disturbed sleep. Dogs are polyphasic sleepers which means they experience three sleep/wake cycles on an average per night time hour. On the contrary, humans are monophasic sleepers which means they undergo only one period of sleep in 24 hour cycle. This causes the dog to wake up several times at night causing disturbances to humans. Another factor contributing to this is that dogs are light sleepers because they are sensitive to sound even when they are asleep. If you are a person who can be easily disturbed in sleep then sharing a bed with your dog is not a good idea.
  3. Some dogs exhibit aggressive bed behaviour which results in them guarding their owner against any other bed partner or barking unnecessarily at night. He might also be conditioned to consider himself as socially stronger than you and may become spoilt. However, there are no evidences that these problems are caused due to bed sharing or are they pre-existing in a dog’s normal behaviour. In that case it would be good idea to have a separate bed for your dog even you can buy washable dog bed so that you can clean it easily whenever you feel any bed smell.

Advantages of co-sleeping with dogs

Despite the disadvantages, many dog owners still prefer to sleep with their dogs as they feel the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. These may include:

  1. Co-sleeping with your canine friends increases the time spent with them and hence enhances the feeling of comfort and companionship provided by them.
  2. Sleeping with your dog can ad in decreasing your anxiety because they provide a sense of safety and security to you. You sleep assured of the fact that your dog will bark at anything unusual so you sleep tight with this feeling of security. It is especially helpful if you live alone.
  3. Dogs poses as those perfect bed warmers who keep you warm on winter nights.
  4. Making your dogs sleep with you in a confined space helps in taming those dogs who tend to turn destructive when left unsupervised. Some dogs have the habit of chewing electric wires which not only destroy your priced possessions but are also very dangerous for your dogs.
  5. Making your dog sleep with you instils of sense of security and attachment in your dog as well who enjoy the 8 hour long undisturbed bonding time with you. This is especially true if you are out working or most part of the day.
  6. Some behavioural problems can be fixed with allowing your dog to share your bed. Some dogs tend to experience anxiety at night casing them to bark unnecessarily. In other cases, separation anxiety can cause a feeling of unrest in dogs when they are supposed to keep themselves away from you for long hours. Letting your dog sleep with you will resolve such issues.

It is highly crucial to remember that the decision of letting your dog sleep with you is yours. Take this decision according to your personal suitability and comfort.


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