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Only Original Swiss Products From Switzerland

Switzerland has always been known globally as the source of high quality products. A label ‘Made In Switzerland’, ‘Original Swiss Product’ or ‘Swissmade’ represents reliability and craftsmanship, both in product and in service. Consumers abroad are willing to pay up to 50% more for Switzerland made products due to the brand portraying exclusivity, quality and tradition.

Famous for several goods, Switzerland’s reputation allows it to export its high quality Swiss products anywhere, especially now with the internet from trusted online shops such as Swiss Made Direct.

What would Switzerland be without its famous high quality Swiss food, but in particular chocolate? Home of the luxurious Toblerone Bar and Lindt chocolates, it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation of these fine original Swiss products ready to be shipped direct to you and consumed for your pleasure.

Counterfeiting of Swiss goods is obviously now a popular pastime for some shady businesses around the world, but it is not easy due to the strict rules and regulations surrounding the Swissmade label. For example, only foods containing at least 80% of raw materials sourced in Switzerland are allowed to  proudly carry this mark and animals products (such as eggs or honey) are only recognised as ‘Swiss’ if the animal lived in Switzerland for more than 50% of its life!

Another famous quality Swiss product is obviously the watches. Swiss brands such as Hanowa fetch multiple hundreds and thousands for their branded products due to the high quality and perception of the Made In Switzerland brand. Hanowa in particular is a genuine military brand whose timepieces sit on the pinnacle of innovation, functionality and beautiful design.

Alongside the fantastic organic foods, quality clothing and other accessories who could forget the famous Swiss Army Knife? This Swissmade Military Multitool is absolutely the finest show of Switzerland’s genius inventions and dedication to brilliant products for everyone to enjoy.

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