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Independent Artists Interact With Major Record Labels With New App

It’s never been easy for independent music artists to connect with a major record label and speak to decision-making executives. Struggling artists in the hip-hop industry often don’t stand a chance when it comes to having their talent discovered and landing the coveted record deal.

That was until now! Kevin Webb has launched Webb Music Pro, a revolutionary app for the music industry. Kevin is no novice when it comes to the hip-hop industry. He’s a professional with 20 years of relevant experience and has worked with the world’s biggest music stars including Jay-Z, Diddy, Pharell and Timberland. He’s also successfully spearheaded the careers of major hip-hop icons including Fabolous and A-Boogie. With experience in all aspects of many music careers, including marketing and merchandising, Webb is widely recognized as a leading music brand strategist with a focus on hip-hop.

Webb Music Pro utilizes the rapid advances in technology and growing number of smart phone users to provide a revolutionary platform for the music industry, merging start-up tech with hip-hop. Webb Music Pro is the first interactive digital app that directly provides artist development services and connects performers with the major record label network. This platform is the new and most effective way for independent artists to break into the industry on a large scale and get discovered by the world’s top record labels.

The service pairs independent artists with a seasoned management guru, simply at the clock of a button. For a minimal subscription fee, hip-hop artists are guided through an intuitive step-by-step process to assist with artist development. This has been cultivated by top music industry experts and executives, grooming artists to become marketable and ultimately land that lucrative recording deal.

What’s even more exciting about this revolutionary music app is that subscribers are promised a record deal within 12 month, or their money back. This extremely generous offer just shows how confident Kevin Webb and his expert team are in their abilities to take struggling musicians and take them to the world stage. This is a sweet deal for anyone who has previously had little luck with getting a recording deal. There’s no doubt that this New App Revolutionizes The Hip-Hop Music Game!

With the same incentives as highly successful and popular television shows in the industry such as American Idol and The Voice, now an everyday artist can get their shot at a recording deal without the major struggle that are presented on these shows. Technology has leveled out the playing field and allows absolutely any performer with talent the opportunity at stardom!

With thousands of hip-hop artists entering the music industry each year, it’s extremely difficult for unsigned rappers to get noticed, recognized and signed. In an attempt to make their music stand out, these individuals often waste thousands of dollars on marketing and promotions, despite having little experience or real knowledge about what’s best for success. Without experienced guidance, mentorship and professional contacts, many rappers regardless of their talent will never receive their fair shot at success. Webb Music Pro has completely changed the game.

So, what are people saying about Kevin Webb and his Webb Music Pro technology platform? The COO of Atlantic Record says “[Webb] understands how to navigate this industry taking his artists to the top”. The President of Black Music at Atlantic Records, Mike Kyser, says “Webb is a veteran in the game, and has the keys to a building a successful music career.” It’s this sort of praise which assures struggling independent music artists that Webb Music Pro really does have the capabilities and experience to take hip-hop music careers to the next level, at a minimal price.

Webb Music Pro can be described as a pioneering music management firm that helps independent artists, focusing on the hip-hop industry, gain access to experienced talent management and music professionals who can mentor and guide their careers, helping to develop top talent and position artists to get a guaranteed record deal. With over two decades of experience managing the careers of some of the world’s best known hip-hop artists and rappers, Webb Music Pro staff has the knowledge, contact base and advanced technology that can get any talented artist signed. With affordable packages, today’s striving artist no longer has to attempt to conquer their big dreams alone. With the incredible money back guarantee of getting signed within 12 months, client success really is a promise rather than a marketing ploy.

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