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Fake News of Serena Williams Pregnancy By Drake

Fake News of Serena Williams Pregnancy By Drake 


Hey look folks what we got here Serena Williams a famous tennis super star the world known her as  inspiration. Hot topic in the news is that she is pregnant and the father is not so common person he is also a well-known celebrity a rapper of top billboard “Drake” but unfortunately it’s a fake news. This Canadian dynamite is a most discussed topic in the world is in shock because no one was expecting it. Serena Williams and Drake well-known friends they both understand each other well. Chemistry between both of them is so much high. Expectations about baby are high they says. They are looking at the thing is that would Serena be a good mother they are out of there mind. Rumor are not limit till this it is also here that while playing Us open Serena was pregnant too at that time. Through this fake news people are liking about this and wishing them both that may they be wonderful parents.

Serena went to the club “The nice Guy” in the west Hollywood dated October 25. It was heard that Serena was not interested to have a baby. It’s not easy to swallow that Serena is going to have a baby or she could get pregnant. Serena wants to take some break and to change her activity. Serena wants to chill a bit and stress free because it’s good for her too. So much pressure of game has bad effect on her health she is human not a machine. Her interest are else she is a professional and she sees her future in tennis not interested in pregnancy. When it was asked from them both they totally denied this news.

Drake is Canadian and he interested in girls of Toronto. He admires Canadian beauty. If people really want them to see together in real life so this is not more than a dream they both are not actually together as it seems like. This never will happen in future. Because Drake says himself that he sees his future in Toronto. Drake says that whenever he sees any girl in Canada (Toronto) he gets too romantic. But Serena unfortunately lives in California and distance is too much between them so it’s never going to happen.  Anything could happen in the future may be you cannot predict 100%. So the news is totally fake that Serena Williams pregnant its totally rubbish news. They have normal interaction and good friendship but people take it totally wrong spreads rumors around the world to gain TRP.

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