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Celebrity Gossip: Half of Vikings cast uses beard growth supplements

Bearded men are almost every woman’s dream

Today, many women dream of having a man that is tall, strong and bearded. Having a natural, long beard that is well groomed is considered to be extremely attractive. The beard gives a strong and masculine look and combined with a great body is what makes women weak. The trend of bearded men returned couple of years ago. More and more men with perfect hair and beards started appearing on the internet. Every girl can easily list more than three bearded superstars that she is in love with. This beard look is not a simple thing, it is a very time consuming process and a whole new lifestyle. The process of treating and growing a beard can be very hard, time consuming and most give up and don’t succeed. It is the same process like growing a hair; it takes a lot of time, money and care. The beard needs to be nourished, combed and trimmed almost on a daily basis. The danger of breaking and damaging the hair follicles is one of the problems men face. There are tons of oils, gels and lotions for growing, forming and maintaining the facial hair. Men should really dedicate to this process if they want their beard to be really attractive and full.

Vikings series was a game-changer

This trend of bearded men got very popular when Vikings series first aired. The Viking warriors living on the Scandinavian island made men jealous and women excited. It is a TV show that shows the history of Scandinavia and the battles of the most courageous people that lived there. The Vikings are presented as strong, enormously big men that are not afraid of anything and always ready to fight for the right. Like I said, they are enormous men with huge beards, natural, long hair and great bodies. Women went crazy and inspired men to start growing their beards.

The question that ran through my mind was ,, How come every actor of the Vikings cast has such a beautiful, well groomed and full beard?,, Are they better than other men?”. It is known that the producers are constantly searching for men that have thick hair and beard, that are tall and in excellent shape. I even came across a gossip that the whole cast is taking hair and beard growth supplements. There are special routines for men that want their beard to be lush and shiny.

Viking Beards

The cast’s routine

There are few golden rules when it comes to Vikings’ practice and daily routine. First thing in the morning the actor Travis Fimmel does is wash his face and beard with a gentle cleansing lotion. After that he puts a tiny bit of conditioner and washes the beard with warm water. While the beard is still wet he gently combs it and then he takes a 100% cotton blouse and dries it off. If your beard is too long you can use a hairdryer on very low heat. If you want to follow this routine too, keep reading. When the beard is finally dry, the oil treatment can start. The best oil for beard care is pure & natural Argan Oil. But you can also use almond or coconut oil. You need just a small amount to make the beard soft. Upon applying the oil, you comb it again. The next step is wax, but not any wax; you need one for beard use. Wax helps shape the beard and makes a nice and attractive form. After that you are ready to go and your beard will look and smell better than ever. We advice that upon showering you repeat the whole process in order to ensure speedy hair growth. If you want fast and amazing results you shouldn’t forget adding supplements that are made for beard growth. It is true that the whole cast is taking supplements and because of that they have natural and healthy beards. The supplements are healthy and 100% natural. They have the similar ingredients like the supplements for hair growth. The main base is biotin and vitamins and nutrients like B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Niacin, Zink and so forth. All these vitamins are available in the Beard Czar supplement for beard growth. More information about this product is available at https://tryfree.club/product/beard-czar/ . You can test it free of charge for 14 days and see if it will turn you into a Viking or not.

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