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3 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Had Breast Reduction Surgery

While there are a lot of women, who take pride in their naturally endowed large breasts and flaunt it wherever they go, to the envy of other women and to the admiration of lustful men, there are those celebrities who have felt slightly embarrassed by the large size of their bosoms and have gone through great pains to have them reduced. Here are three celebrities who had breast reduction surgery you might not have known about.

1. Ariel Winter

Did you know that at the tender age of 17 years, Ariel Winter star of Modern Family had breast reduction surgery to reduce her “F” sized breasts? She comes in at number one of our celebrities who had breast reduction surgery and she had informed Glamour Magazine in an interview that the main reason why she went under the surgical knife was because of the emotional trauma she had suffered from Internet bullies, as well as the physical pain, her large breasts had caused her.

She had said during the interview with the popular magazine that at age 15, she had size “F” boobs and that amazingly enough just a couple of years back at her sister’s wedding, she was flat chested and wished she could have any kind of boobs whatsoever, but then according to her, her breasts just kept growing and growing to her amazement.

I guess we all need to be careful what we wish for, right?

Ariel Winter

2. Jennifer Connelly

It seems like the speculation on Jennifer Connelly’s boobs would never go flat (no pun intended). Way back in the ’90s when she first bust to the big screen with a loud bang, rumors had been making the round that she had breast implants done to give her full breasts.

Today however, at age 42, her breasts are significantly smaller and speculation just never seems to die down, as people are now suggesting that she probably had her implants removed. Well, Jennifer makes our list of celebrities who had breast reduction surgery and comes in at number two. I guess we all have to watch the Aviator movie again to know if her boobs were real or not, oh well!

Jennifer Connelly

3. Drew Barrymore

Can we ever get enough of the glamour girl? Way back in 1992, Drew Barrymore had gone under the surgical knife to have her breasts reduced.

She had once said that the relationship between a woman and her breasts is a very awkward one and that while men find large breasts attractive, the women including herself, who have to carry them feel and lot of back pain and are always pretty conscious of their natural endowment.

Well, Drew here’s to you as you complete our list of celebrities who had breast reduction surgery at number three.

Drew Barrymore

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